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                  LG Smith Coaching Life/Wellness Coaching

   Your True Potential Is Within Reach!  

In life, we go through many transitions and stages of change. These changes can be positive, energizing, and welcoming, but they can also produce feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, and self-doubt.

I believe the first step in overcoming these challenges is discovering how core beliefs, identities, and habits have influenced and shaped a person's life.


One small shift in our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can have a dramatic effect on all areas of life and be a catalyst for a fresh start and open one’s mind to new outcomes, opportunities and possibilities.

Coaching doesn’t just emphasize change it also focuses on

on a person’s unique abilities, strengths, and successes.


Together we design a personalized action plan which includes, goal setting, skill building, and healthy coping strategies to ensure lasting change.



Meet Lisa

Certified Health and Life Coach



I live on beautiful Vancouver Island with my husband and two sons. I have so much gratitude and appreciation every day for the beauty and wonder the Island provides for me and my family.  


As a Life Coach, my goal is to empower a person to discover their optimal potential and life purpose. My approach is to create a safe, fun, and trusting atmosphere that prioritizes a person’s well-being and celebrates all aspects of life. I offer support, encouragement, and accountability, but ultimately you are in the driver's seat.

Lisa's Background

  • 30 years in the Mental Health Field

  • ICF Certified Health and Lifestyle Coach

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing, BSPN

  • Certified Prosci Change Management Practitioner

  • Bachelor's Degree in Metaphysical Science, B.MSC.

  • Ordained Metaphysical Ministry, Minister's Certificate

  • Metaphysical Practitioner's Diploma


Lisa is a compassionate, wise, caring coach who gently nudges where needed, cheerleads often and is incredibly knowledgeable in what she does. I sincerely can't recommend her enough if you need help getting through a challenge.

- Sarah S.


         My Commitment To You

To provide personalized support and guidance so you can feel empowered and confident. We will work together in goal setting, developing strategies

to overcome obstacles, unlock your true potential and hopefully have some fun and laughter along the way!


Lisa is a fantastic coach, she is an

amazing listener and very

knowledgeable. Her passion for

coaching shows up in every session. She has helped me over, so many barriers, and I know she will continue to help many more people. I am so happy with the path that I am on, thank you, Lisa.

- Stephanie V.


   Packages and Services Offered   

Getting Started Package

$250 for 3 Sessions

Some exceptions may apply

Dig Deeper


$800 for 10 Sessions

Some exceptions may apply



Maintenance Sessions


Coaching Services

  • Life/Wellness

  • Stress and Anxiety Management

  • Career

  • Spiritual Health

  • ADHD


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