About Lisa Smith

Certified Lifestyle and Wellness Coach in Nanaimo, BC

ADHD & Career Coaching Services

Health Care Provider Nanaimo

I live on beautiful Vancouver Island with my husband and two sons. I have so much gratitude and appreciation every day for the beauty and wonder the island provides for me and my family.

As a life coach, I believe every moment filled with doubt, anxiety or stress can be a catalyst for a fresh start and open one’s mind to new outcomes and possibilities. I aim to create a life balance that prioritizes a person’s well-being and celebrates all aspects of life.

People usually know what changes they want to make they just need someone walking beside them to offer support, encouragement, and accountability.

My goal is to empower people in finding their optimal version of themselves and their life purpose through developing a deeper understanding of how their core beliefs, identities, and behaviours, have influenced and shaped them and their relationships. Coaching can help provide clarity in living an authentic life full of purpose, passion, and potential.

I believe how we approach one aspect of life is how we approach everything. For many, changes can be scary and overwhelming but it is the small shifts that make the biggest impact. A shift in one area of life can have a dramatic effect on all areas. We start with where a person is a today and move toward where they would like to be in the future by developing personalized goals and action plans. Coaching doesn’t just emphasize change it also focuses on a person’s strengths and what currently is working in their life and build on that foundation.

It's time to discover your life purpose and become the best version of yourself.

My training includes

  • 30 years in the Mental health Field
  • ICF certified Health and Lifestyle Coach
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing, BSPN
  • Certified Prosci Change Management Practitioner