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Nanaimo Life / Wellness, ADHD and Career Coaching.

My Life Coaching Sessions include Anxiety & Stress Management, Self Compassion, Self Empowerment, Mind-Body
Connection, Nervous System Reset, Burnout Management, Goal Setting and Habit Change.

Benefits of Life Coaching

    • Finding your life purpose
    • Life coaching can help identify personal and professional goals
    • Supports you in identifying ones true path in life
    • Set and achieve goals
    • Have an accountability partner
    • Gain a better understanding and confidence in one's self
    • Achieving goals
    • Coaching can help individual's unlock the answers within
    • Make dreams become a reality
    • Develop skills and techniques for self-empowerment
    • Provide direction in life
    • Provide tools for lasting change
    • Reignite your passion in life
    • Life coaching can enhance a person’s quality of life and their well-being
    • Improve relationship's with self and others
    • Identifying old stories and limiting inner beliefs
    • Discover your true self
    • Build confidence, self-esteem and self-compassion

My Goal Is To Empower People In Finding Their Optimal Version Of Themselves

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About Lisa

Nanaimo-based Life & Wellness Coach

I live on beautiful Vancouver Island with my husband and
two sons. I have so much gratitude and appreciation every
day for the beauty and wonder the island provides for me
and my family.


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