Nervous System Reset Nanaimo

Nervous System Reset is a wellness approach that focuses on maintaining and restoring the body’s natural state when under stress. The focus is on releasing the tension, managing stress, and incorporating self-care into our daily routine.

Unfortunately, many of us today are living in a constant state of stress, which is caused by perceived or actual threats to our safety and security referred to as fight or flight. If our baseline is at a fight or flight level, it can cause our nervous system to become dysregulated. Some signs and symptoms of a dysregulated nervous system are, anxiety, mood swings, fatigue, exhaustion, difficulty concentrating, poor memory, high cortisol levels and depressive symptoms. It can also affect our relationship with ourselves and others, it can contribute to poor job performance and interfere with our normal activities of daily living.

As a coach, we look at simple techniques that can help reset the nervous system that fits a person’s interest and lifestyle. Some of the techniques are breath work, daily self-care, which can include Epsom salt baths, activating the vocal cords, daily exercise, being in nature, a healthy diet, proper sleep, meditation, and mindfulness.

To reset the nervous system firstly we need to identify the cause of the stress, secondly remove the stress (if possible) and thirdly learn techniques to manage stress. By incorporating all three you can maintain a level of homeostasis within your nervous system that can lead to a more fulfilling productive life.