Self Empowerment Nanaimo

Self Empowerment is a conscious decision to take control and responsibility over one’s life. Self-empowerment embraces and celebrates all aspects of life including both strengths and weaknesses. This is done without judgement or prejudice. It doesn’t mean that nothing will go wrong in our lives, but rather no matter the circumstances that are presented before us, we will be able to navigate through them successfully, while maintaining and improving self-acceptance, confidence, and worth.

In coaching, we explore how a person’s current beliefs, communication style, boundaries (or lack of) and expectations about themselves and others are influencing their current state of being. We then examine if these are contributing positively or negatively to your sense of self and direction in life. If your current approaches are impeding you negatively then we switch the focus to attaining healthier strategies and tools to improve communication, while respecting both you and others, setting healthy boundaries and learning how unrealistic expectations can be the root of most of our negative experiences and interactions.

By focusing on identifying who we are without the influences of past experiences, and words spoken over us we can then start living life with a sense of assurance and confidence that we are honouring our true self, which can also influence those around us to be empowered.

Self Empowerment helps us to accept that in life we will all have struggles. By accepting this reality, we take the pressure off who we think we should be and what we should be doing and thus giving our control back.

Self Empowerment can assist us in discovering our true-life purpose and in doing so we can attain self-actualization, which simply means, our personal potential is fully realized.